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Do you know about ASEAN Character Award (ACA) 2015?

Successfully held on September 2015, ACA 2015 was an event organized by the ASEAN-Japan Centre and administered by LLP ASEAN Creative Supporters. It was an annual contest that emphasizing in characters. Here, all the nominated characters were juried by the top-notch experts that well versed with the Japanese content business including the chief editors of leading media.

After nominated as one of the award winners from around 51 characters that participated in this contest, then Super Neli was selected as the Special Jury Award.



This video will telling you about why is the super neli Choosed by jury for Special Jury Award

Besides Super Neli, another awardee were Eat All Day from Liffolabs – Thailand as the winner of the 2nd Price


and Putri from Lescopaque – Malaysia as the winner of the Grand Pix.

Puteri  animasi


All winners got a chance to do a business meeting with several companies.

Being winner of the Special Jury, Robby UL Pratama as the CEO of AYENA STUDIO was interviewed by TV Tokyo concerning about Ayena Studio and Super Neli.

Interviewed by TV Tokyo JAPAN

Interviewed by TV Tokyo JAPAN

After that, Robby also get a chance to meet Julia Silalahi from Embassy as the Trade Attache of indonesia in Japan. She appreciated that Indonesian Character animation also able to compete with another country internationally.

with Ms Julia Silalahi, Trade Attache of indonesia in JAPAN

with Ms Julia Silalahi, Trade Attache of indonesia in JAPAN