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As AYENA STUDIO newest intellectual property, Night at the Station (NATS) is the first animation serial with 360⁰ VR Video in Indonesia. Before NATS, there is no animation series in Indonesia that being watched through the VR technology. Using the media called Google Card Board, this technology enables us to be the part of the video itself by seeing the visual the way our view peer at.

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The moment when Tokyo Game Show being held, Robby UL Pratama as the CEO of AYENA STUDIO introduced NATS to the people who came to that event. Through that pre-released, actually AYENA STUDIO gets a marvelous opinions and appreciations about NATS. Many people tried to use our Google Card Board to watch NATS. They were really enjoying the video. Yeay!

Maya Soenarya : The main character of Night At The Station

NATS is about a train trip of a girl called Maya Soenarya. She travels from a city to another which she never arrived before. Along the way she travelled, she comes back and forth from one train station to another. Maya does not know that actually those train stations are frightful and consist of mysteries that she will found along the way

Do you want to know more about NATS? Or, are you willing to watch its VR Video? Let’s meet AYENA STUDIO at Baros International Animation Festival (BIAF) this October 7th-10th, 2015. We are waiting you at our booth for watching horror video with the different way. See you!