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After successfully developed Super Neli, Ayena Studio takes up to develop a new IP called Night at the Station (NATS). Here, we try to make another genre because NATS totally focus on horror side. Why? Creativity leads us to do something new.

Different with Ayena Studio’s previous creation, NATS is a mixture of animation and newest technology called virtual reality (VR Blender). It means that we are going to show you something amazed that will open up your eyes and mind about another great side of technology and animation.

NATS Poster official

NATS is about a train trip of a girl called Maya Soenarya. She travels from a city to another which she never arrived before. Along the way she travelled, she comes back and forth from one train station to another. Maya does not know that actually those train stations are frightful and consist of mysteries that she will found along the way. So, what kind of mysteries that will be figured out in NATS? “You can hide, But you can’t ESCAPE” Coming soon!