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How if a weak grandmother becomes a nimble, energetic and agile one? How if there is a grandmother who become a superhero with wearing Kebaya?


What do you think at first when you hear about super hero? You may think about a strong human or animal that has a super power. You may also think about someone who has a deal to save the earth from any trouble and disruption. But, how if the figure of that super hero is an old grandmother?

The Super Neli is one of a creative intellectual property which is developed by Ayena Studio. Different of any other animation idea, this is an animation series that talks about an agile grandmother who posses as a super hero. Insofar, there is no character of grandmother who becomes super hero. That’s why Super Neli becomes a strong and easy remembered character.


Building by a creative story, Super Neli consists of humor and educative moral side that can makes a social impact. Indirectly, this story teaches us not to judge a book by its cover. See, who can believe that a grandmother has a strong power? Besides that, this story also teaches us to be respectful to the older people.


Neli is the main character, she lives in Nursery house called “Matahari Senja” (Means The Dawn)


Matahari senja Nursery House


The animation of The Super Neli was become The Best Indonesian Animation Story in ANIMASINDO 2011. At the same year, The Super Neli also gets another award from “Indonesia Inovation Award” for its story and strong character.



The Winner Of “The Best Story of Animasi Indonesia”

The Winner of Inovasi Indonesia 2011

The Winner of Inovasi Indonesia 2011


As the creative intellectual property, The Super Neli can be developed as another form such as film, games, wallpaper, ring back tone (RBT) or ever merchandise.


So, if you are not watch The Super Neli yet, you can open “TheSuperNeli” youtube channel :

Have a happy watching!