Ayena Studio be Part of Rakernas AINAKI 2019

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As part of the Association of Indonesia Animation Industry (AINAKI), Ayena Studio invited to attend in National Working Meeting (RAKERNAS) AINAKI 2019 from 15 until 17 February 2019 in Morrisey Hotel, Jakarta. This meeting organized by AINAKI in collaboration with Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF) for discussing about the work program for AINAKI 2019-2023. Rakernas AINAKI 2019 was attended by 55 … Read More

Ayena Studio Goes To Meet Kangaroo!

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AYENA STUDIO GOES TO MEET KANGAROO AUSTRALIA! After successfully participated in Software Expo Asia (SEA) at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre at Bangkok, by the end of this April Ayena Studio will be participated in two major events in Australia. Yup! Ayena Studio goes to meet kangaroo! Australia! .This is the whole further information about those events, check this out!   … Read More

GRAMEDIA FAIR 2015: Hi kids, this is Super NELI!

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Playing is one of the activities that can’t be separated from the children’s world. Every children love to play, even if it is with or without a toy. In every single playing, mostly they are doing something like being a role model that they intended to be. What’s that? For example, super hero! So, here is the report about the … Read More

TEI 2015 : Ayena Studio as the Pride of Indonesia

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Directorate General for National Export Development (DGNED) – The Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia will proudly bring about the largest tradeshow of the year called Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2015. Placed at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran – Indonesia, the day of this big event is on October 21-25, 2015. It is an honorable chance for Ayena Studio for being … Read More

Super Neli Won Special Jury Award At ASEAN Character award 2015

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Do you know about ASEAN Character Award (ACA) 2015? Successfully held on September 2015, ACA 2015 was an event organized by the ASEAN-Japan Centre and administered by LLP ASEAN Creative Supporters. It was an annual contest that emphasizing in characters. Here, all the nominated characters were juried by the top-notch experts that well versed with the Japanese content business including the … Read More

Knowledge Idol #5 – Beyond Storytelling

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Hallo! Ayena Studio kembali mengadakan Knowledge Idol kelima pada tanggal 13 Juni 2015. Seperti biasanya, acara ini tidak hanya dihadiri oleh teman-teman Ayena Studio, tapi dihadiri juga oleh teman-teman Ayena Internship Program baik yang sudah lulus maupun yang masih dalam program magang. Materi kali ini dibawakan oleh scriptwriternya Ayena Studio, yaitu Novie Ocktaviane Mufti. Tema yang diusung adalah Beyond Storytelling. … Read More