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As part of the Association of Indonesia Animation Industry (AINAKI), Ayena Studio invited to attend in National Working Meeting (RAKERNAS) AINAKI 2019 from 15 until 17 February 2019 in Morrisey Hotel, Jakarta. This meeting organized by AINAKI in collaboration with Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF) for discussing about the work program for AINAKI 2019-2023. Rakernas AINAKI 2019 was attended by 55 participants from 9 regions in Indonesia consisting of academicians, industrialist, and professionals of the animation industry. Also attended representative from Kemkominfo and Kadin Indonesia.

All participants in this meeting divided for 4 deputies of AINAKI. There is a deputy of collaboration, education, resource, and media. Each deputy makes a work program and goals for the next five years. The work program is divided into 2 types, main program and superior program.

Ayena Studio entered the collaboration deputy which discussed about how internal and external cooperation in an effort to improve and support the animation industry in Indonesia. A superior work program from collaboration deputy is made MOU collaboration with other animation associations or government local and international. The collaboration can be an animation project, event, or collaboration to improve human resources for the animation industry in Indonesia.

Ayena Studio hopes that the results of Rakernas AINAKI 2019 can be implemented and useful for the animation industry in Indonesia. This association is also expected to be a place and solution in answering weaknesses in the Indonesia animation industry.