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About Us

AYENA STUDIO is one of the businesses which emphasizing focuses on animation services. Emerging issues that Cimahi is the Cyber City, a group of young professional established this business in October 2011. Until now, AYENA STUDIO has a collaboration working with creative communities in Cimahi.
Different with another animation studio, AYENA STUDIO is being handled with competent, creative, professional, and innovative young human resources who versed in animation. These make AYENA STUDIO as a competent-excellent animation studio.


Not everyone can depict their ideas into a visual form. In answer to that condition, Ayena Studio will help you to make the visualization of your character design and storyboard according to your concepts and ideas.

3D Content

Digital era has increasing the requirement of 3D content. Ayena Studio also provides to satisfy this requirement like 3D modeling character, environment, props, mobile games content, augmented reality, and 3D printing model.

IP Development

Ayena Studio is one of animation studio which is work on developing of Intellectual Property (IP), for example is Super Neli that tells a story about an agile grandmother who becomes a super hero.
In the process of IP development, Ayena Studio also provide for co-production with another company or animation studio.

IT Support

To expand market in Digital Branding, ayena studio also provide IT services and support such as Web Development, Game Advertising, Information Management System, Mobile Apps etc.

Commercial Ads and Video Promotion

The expansion of social media makes people more aware of the information that shown on the social media. Advocating that issue, animation also can be publish on the social media. One of animation function is for make a persuasion to attract people to use a product or services. Ayena Studio also provide for this requirement. We can help you to make an animation video for advertisement and promotion like TVC, simulation, and explainer animation.

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